Console Shock podcast 85: Steam Deck

For some, the news of the Switch OLED was a disappointment, but with the dust barely settled Valve threw down their own solution to high spec handheld gaming, the Steam Deck! It could be seen as the realisation of everything we hoped for (and then some) with the rumoured Switch Pro, but will it be a success?

Trev and Stu take a look at the device and untangle the announcement, along with everything else we know about it so far.

– Are we buying a Steam Deck?

– Will it challenge the Nintendo Switch?

– SD Card storage, will it be good enough to run games reliably?

– The advantages of cheap Steam games vs the pricey Nintendo Switch versions.

– Are the specs good enough for high quality PC gaming?

– The potential for the Steam Deck to be a handheld emulation beast. – Installing Windows, what would be the advantages?

– Will the Steam Deck spark an explosion in PC gaming handhelds from other manufacturers. Intro/Outro Music – No Chance In Hell – Vince McMahon’s Entrance Theme – WWF (1999) – Composer(s): Jim Johnston

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