Console Shock podcast 84: Sharopolis

Retro and current gen gaming chat, with Trev and Stu, its the Console Shockcast!

Its another Shockcast and its another awesome guest, as we welcome Matt from the Sharopolis YouTube channel!

Matt does amazing Digital Foundry-esque deep dives into retro gaming, showing us what makes them tick and how devs used all manner of tricks and hacks to squeeze every last drop of power from outdated hardware.

We chat about some of those stunning accomplishments achieved on classic systems, as well as:

– How Matt got into retro game technical deep dives.

– Which system had the biggest technical leap from its earliest games to the final ones?

– Using modern emulators to break down how classic games work.

– Original hardware vs modern recreations.

– What is the most impressive game to come out late in a consoles life?

– Games that were just too much for the hardware they released on.

– The games that pushed the older systems to the limits.

– What is Matt’s favourite console enhancement chip?

Check out the Sharopolis channel:

Intro/Outro Music – Out to Lunch/Thunder – WCW Thunder Theme – TBS Television (1998) – Composer(s): Steve Everitt

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