Console Shock podcast 86: The A500 Mini

Retro and current gen gaming chat, with Trev and Stu, its the Console Shockcast! The Commodore Amiga is a legendary computer platform, and Trev and Stu make no secret about it being their favourite of all time.

With the release of numerous mini system remakes in recent years we have pondered on past shockcasts if the Amiga would ever get the same treatment. Well it turns out, it has!

We talk about The A500 Mini, what it means for us as Amiga fans and for the Amiga computing community as a whole, including:

– Our thoughts on `The C64 Mini/Maxi`.

– Who will the A500 Mini appeal to?

– The announced games included.

– Does it hit that pricing sweet spot.

– Potential accessories for the A500 Mini.

– Will there be an A500 Maxi?

– Would a full size A1200 recreation fare better then an A500 one? – Can it replace a real Amiga? Intro/Outro Music – Deejay Stage Theme – Super Street Fighter II Turbo (1994) – 3DO – Composer(s): Isao Abe, Syun Nishigaki

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