Console Shock Episode 18 Sports Games

Listen To Trev and Stu chat about sports games in depth, and yes its sports games again.

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3 thoughts on “Console Shock Episode 18 Sports Games”

  1. I think over the years ive been playing vidyah gamez, ive put far more hours into sports games then all the other genres put together.

    90% of that time on Pro Evo. Starting from the ISS ps1 allllll the way to pes2017 which i play online ALOT

    Even though ive ploughed more time into them id rank them behind most genres like rts, fps. But they always deliver a consistant experience which i think Kim said on the previous ep

  2. Oh also, cant remember the episode, i think Trev said Final Fantasy 7 bored him. That comment needed challanging more then it got!

    Lots of folk say its one of the great games of all time and i agree. Unlike 99% of all the other inscrutable JRPGs, FF7 has an easy to follow plot. A clear goal. Good character design. Great enemy variety. Great music etc.

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