Console Shock Podcast 128: A ‘Pro” Problem

Retro and current gen gaming chat, with Trev and Stu,

its the Console Shockcast! With rumours of a PS5 Pro model doing the rounds, Trev and Al ponder if there is any value in mid-gen refresh hardware.

We also look back on earlier attempts at ‘Pro’ style console upgrades, something Sega really ran with on the Mega Drive to their detriment.

Has there even been a truly successful ‘Pro’ system or upgrade?

– 4K TVs pushed the development of the Xbox One X/PS4 Pro, is there anything similar creating the demand for Pro systems now?

– Has the cross-gen era of simultaneous PS4/5 and Xbone/Series X releases harmed the newer systems?

– What benefits would we get from a PS5 Pro?

– How big is the market for the Pro consoles?

– Are there fewer new video game IP’s these days?

– ‘Pro’ style upgrades on retro systems, such as the N64 expansion pak, and Sega Mega CD/32X add-ons.

– Was the NEC PC Engine CD add-on the only real must have console ‘Pro” upgrade? Check out Trev and Al’s other podcast where they reminisce about a different episode of Star Trek every month! : Intro/Outro Music – Mii Channel Theme – Nintendo Wii (2006) – Composer(s): Kazumi Totaka

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