Console Shockcast 130: Best of the Worst!

Retro and current gen gaming chat, with Trev and Stu, its the Console Shockcast! No it’s not RedLetterMedia, it’s Console Shock!

This time, Trev and Stu explore the boulevard of broken console dreams as we try to figure out which of the 90s failed systems are actually not bad. Are there any redeeming features to the likes of the CDi and CDTV, and can the Saturn triumph against the Dreamcast?

– Stu describes the tragic death of a retro gaming PC.

– Trev (who is English) controversially describes the Scotland national football team as “alright”.

– Are AAA games limiting their audience by being too complex?

– Jaguar, the Atari swan song.

– Why the 3DO is the best of the pre-PS1 32Bit era.

– CDi vs CDTV, which is better.

– Turbografx-16, not really a failure.

– Handhelds and was the Game Gear really a failure?

– Saturn vs Dreamcast, the Sega shootout!

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