Console Shock podcast 114: Atari Lynx

Retro and current gen gaming chat, with Trev and Stu, its the Console Shockcast!

The Atari Lynx launched in 1989 and was a pioneer in handheld gaming. It was the first ever colour portable and had specs that could rival the ‘big’ home consoles of the time. Unfortunately it struggled against the Gameboy and even the Game Gear, but could it have done better?

Trev and Stu share their thoughts on the mighty Atari machine, and more….. – Playing Halo MCC on the PC, and how it’s improved since its original launch on the XBone.

– More updates on the latest ‘Steam Deck killer’ Asus ROG Ally

– Epyx and the origins of the Lynx.

– The incredible 16 bit graphics hardware on the Lynx.

– Lynx strengths in its arcade ports.

– The ups and downs of the Lynx game library.

– Was it price, battery life, lack of portability? What killed the Lynx?

– Comparing the Lynx 1 and the Lynx 2 – Was the Lynx doomed from the start? Intro/Outro Music – Meteor – Starfox (1993) – Super Nintendo – Composer(s): Hajime Hirasawa

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