Console Shock Podcast 112: Classic System Bundles and Pack-Ins

Retro and current gen gaming chat, with Trev and Stu, its the Console Shockcast! As kids we used to drool over the console/computer bundle packs we would see on shop shelves or in magazine ads.

What you got in a particular bundle could help determine which side of the video game war you ended up on.

How important were bundles back in the day, and which ones do we remember the most?

– DKOldies and “not for resale” bundle copies of games in shops.

– Is everyone who could be intro retro gaming already involved in the hobby? – Anniversaries of consoles from the 2010’s making us feel old!

– The arcade machine experience in the UK, seasides and chippies!

– Was the Street Fighter 2 or Super Mario World bundle the system seller for the SNES in the UK.

– The 1990 TMNT bundle giving the NES a foothold in the UK market.

– The importance of the PS1 ‘Demo 1’ disc in PlayStation bundles.

– Sega Saturn bundles, or the lack of them!

– Customised bundle packaging art vs. a sticker on the generic console box.

Intro/Outro Music – Lightning Strikes (Stage 1) – Raiden III (2005) – Arcade, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2 – Composer(s): Go Sato, Yuji Takemitsu, Yuka Sakamoto, Akira Sato

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