Console Shock podcast ep75: The Origin of Console Shock

Retro and current gen gaming chat, with Trev and Stu, its the Console Shockcast!

Ever wonder how this whole Console Shock gubbins began?

Well on this show we have a super special guest, one of the co-founders of Console Shock, the legendary Al!

Have a scroll down the uploads on our channel and youll see the original CS video shows, featuring Trev & Al presenting alongside the M&M games (now Playnation games!) gang. As well as the origins of CS, Al joins us to chat about a bunch of other retro & modern gaming topics:

– How did Trev & Al get the idea to make a show?

– Trev & Al’s initial attempts to start a podcast

– Behind the scenes on those early video CS episodes. – Where did Al go? – The tragic story of Al’s OG Xbox in Canada!

– Moving between video game regions, 60hz vs 50hz

– Al’s Arcade 1up cab collecting addiction

– What does the future of classic arcade ports look like? Intro/Outro Music – Keep the groovin’ – Streets of Rage (SEGA 1991) – Sega Mega Drive – Composer(s): Yuzo Koshiro, Motohiro Kawashima

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