Console Shock EP 72 Amiga Addict Ravi Abbott

Retro and current gen gaming chat, with Trev and Stu, its the Console Shockcast! Its nearly space-year 2021 and hot on the heels of our recent Amiga mags show, we now have a new for-real monthly(!) print Amiga magazine available to buy and its called Amiga Addict! Join us as we chat to Ravi Abbott, deputy editor of Amiga Addict and one of our personal Amiga scene heroes! Get the low-down on Amiga Addict, and more:

– The waning years of Amiga magazines

– How did the idea of Amiga Addict begin?

– Why a print magazine in the age of the interwebs?

– Meet the team putting Amiga Addict together

– A sneak preview of what youll find inside issue 1!

– How you can get your copy of Amiga Addict Check out Amiga Addict Magazine here: Check out Ravi on Twitter here: Check out the Retro Hour here: Intro/Outro Music – New Junk City – Earthworm Jim (Shiny Entertainment 1995) – Sega Mega CD – Composer(s): Tommy TallaricoSHOW LESS

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