Console Shock Podcast 73: Video Game Controllers

Retro and current gen gaming chat, with Trev and Stu, its the Console Shockcast! They are such an integral part of gaming fabric they almost go unnoticed, but the bundled console controller can really make or break a system.

A good one can set the standard for generations to come, and a bad one can render a system unplayable and tarnish its reputation. We chat about some of our favourite (and least favourite!) controllers, including:

– A quick segment covering the PS5/Xbox Series console launches and issues!

– N64 controllers, have they aged well?

– The original Playstation Dual Shock, a pioneering design that still persists to this day

– The OG Xbox “Duke” controller, as terrible as everyone says?

– Is the GameCube controller overrated or the greatest ever?

– The Sega Saturn pad, the best 2D controller ever.

– Amiga controllers, what are the better options.

– The NES controller, perfect for 8Bit gaming!

Intro/Outro Music – Rockhouse – NWO Theme (World Championship Wrestling 1996) – Composer(s): Jimmy Hart

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