Console Shock EP56 Atari ST with The Joy of Sticks

Retro and current gen gaming chat, with Trev and Stu! Its the Console Shockcast!

Its guest time, and we are in an Atari ST mood, so we have one of the Youtube ST legends on the show, Marc from The Joy of Sticks!

In an extra long episode, we give the ST (and Marc!) the full Console Shock treatment, keeping Amiga references to a minimum, including:

– Atari ST coverage on Youtube

– Marcs Atari ST game collection

– The Atari Falcon, is it worth it?

– Is there WHDload for the ST?

– The UltraSatan device and what it does

– MiSTer FPGA Hardware

– Marcs fave ST games!

Intro/Outro Music – War – Cannon Fodder (1993) – Atari ST/Amiga – Composer(s): Jon Hare

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