Console Shock Podcast 79: Featuring The Retro Shack

Retro and current gen gaming chat, with Trev and Stu, its the Console Shockcast!

On this episode we welcome Scott from The Retro Shack Youtube channel! Scott’s channel focuses on vintage computing and features videos about mods, add-ons, repairs and upgrades for such hardware legends as the C64, BBC Micro and the ZX Spectrum.

We chat to Scott about his channel and get his thoughts on retro gaming and computing in general.

– As a relatively new channel, how did Scott get started?

– What triggered The Retro Shack’s rise in popularity?

– Scott’s retro setup at home.

– What we love about the systems that lag behind their rivals in specs, like the Atari ST and ZX Spectrum.

– We reminisce about the legendary Telegames in Leicester, and its epic range of games for sale.

– What machine is on Scott’s wishlist to add to his collection, and how is the collection going?

– Thoughts on flash carts and modern ways of using old machines. – The MSX! What the hell is this thing?

Scott’s channel:‚Äč

Intro/Outro Music – Title Screen Theme – Tomb Raider (1996) – Playstation/Saturn/PC CD (1996) – Composer(s): Nathan McCreeSHOW LESS

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