Console Shock Podcast 131: Windows XP Gaming

Retro and current gen gaming chat, with Trev and Stu, its the Console Shockcast! More adventures with Stu on his retro PC gaming odyssey!

This time we focus on the Windows XP era, a point in time when a single PC could natively run a game from the DOS, Win 9x, and late 00s eras. Where do you start when you have access to everything from the mid 90s all the way to the Xbox 360 generation?

– The joys of picking up cheap physical copies of early-mid 00s PC games!

– The story of the first PC Trev owned, featuring the legendary AMD Duron CPU. – What Mac gaming was like during the late PowerPC era.

– How physical PC games started to decline, and the rise of digital downloads during the XP era.

– Some thoughts on Windows Vista, does it have any value for retro PC gaming? – Trev has finally finished Red Dead Redemption 2.

– Red Dead v GTA, which is better! Check out Trev and Al’s other podcast where they reminisce about a different episode of Star Trek every month! : Intro/Outro Music – passport.mid – Windows 3.1 (1992) – IBM PC & Compatibles – Composer(s): George Stone

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