Console Shock Podcast 123: Sega Game Gear

Retro and current gen gaming chat, with Trev and Stu, its the Console Shockcast! An early Christmas present for our listeners as we round off 2023 with a chat about everyones favourite blurry screened wonder, the Sega Game Gear! With Stu on holiday, Console Shock charter member Al returns to fill the void as we go on a handheld odyssey!

– A little recap on Console Shocks origins.

– Al’s thoughts on No Man Sky

– Pyron’s amazing Mega Drive homebrew, including Sunset Riders Arcade Edition

– The Game Gear being a portable Master System

– Was the Game Gear too expensive, and other negative factors.

– The Game Gear Sonic ports, and home console to GG ports in general.

– The underrated Game Gear TV tuner!

– Repairs and maintaining Game Gears.

– Modern era Game Gear console mods. Check out Trev and Al’s other podcast where they reminisce about a different episode of Star Trek every month! : Intro/Outro Music – Aqua Planet Zone – Sonic Chaos (1993) – Sega Game Gear/Sega Master System – Composer(s): Kojiro Mikusa & Masayuki Nagao

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