Console Shock Podcast 118: Amiga in 2023 with special guest Dan Wood! Retro Hour

Retro and current gen gaming chat, with Trev and Stu, its the Console Shockcast! Friend of the show and all round retro gaming legend Dan Wood joins us again to talk about a certain computer platform that we have all expressed a fondness for over the years. Nope, it’s not the Sinclair QL, it is the Commodore Amiga!

Specifically what is happening in the Amiga scene in 2023. We chat about some of the weird and wonderful goings on in the world of Amiga this year!

– The Xbox 360 is pushing 20 years old? Nooooo way!

– Some thoughts on the Evercade handheld.

– Has the A500 mini started gathering dust on owners shelves?

– How the Antstream service is bringing Amiga classics back to life.

– Amiga events returning to the UK!

– Why Amiga games have a wider appeal than their 8bit C64 or Spectrum counterparts.

– The PiStorm providing a cheap and powerful Amiga accelerator option.

– Replacing the guts of an Amiga with a Raspberrypi, is that cheating?

– The big question, has Stu finally bought an Amiga? Intro/Outro Music – Haircut (Brutus ‘The Barber’ Beefcake Theme) – WWF/WWE (1988) – Composer(s): Jim Johnston

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