Console Shock EP46 Dan Wood The Retro Hour

Retro and current gen gaming chat, with Trev and Stu! Its the Console Shockcast!

After 2 years since his last appearance, we are once again join by one of our heroes from The Retro Hour podcast, Dan Wood!

We talk Amiga with Dan along with a bunch of other retro/modern gaming gubbins: – The SD2SNES flashcart now plays all US/UK SNES games!

– Did you angrily cancel your PlayStation Classic order?

– Other YouTubers we like.

– What is the best Amiga for a newcomer to the scene?

– Is an Amiga with a Vampire upgrade still an Amiga?

– Amiga 600 upgrades

– CD32 vs A1200

– Couch gaming with an Amiga, what are the options?

Intro/Outro Music – Silver Stream – Rage Racer (1997) – Sony PlayStation – Composer(s): Tetsukazu Nakanishi & Hiroshi Okubo

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