Console Shock Episode 22 Dino Dini Kick Off Revival

Stuart and Trevor Chat to Dino Dini Who is famous for making the classic games Kick Off, Kick Off 2, Goal, Player manager, Dino Dini Soccer

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Console Shock Episode 21 with Dan from Playnation Games We all Talk about the Game Boy

Stuart and Trev have a special Guest Dan from Playnation Games.

We chat about the Gameboy and will the Snes Mini and Switch Mini be a success.

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Console Shock Episode 18 Sports Games

Listen To Trev and Stu chat about sports games in depth, and yes its sports games again.

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Console Shock Episode 17 Unlikely Ports

Listen to Trev and Stu Chat about Games that appeared on one system but basically didnt have the right to. For example Doom on the SNES and Street Fighter 2 on the ZX Spectrum.

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Console Shock Podcast episode 16 Interview with Kim Justice

Stu and Trev chat to Super Star You Tuber documentary maker Kim Justice, we talk about Football games, Football games and more football games

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Console Shock Podcast Episode 15 with Oliver Harper

Listen To Stuart and Trev chat to Oliver Harper about Laser discs, classic films, classic video games and nobody agrees with regarding the Nintendo switch.

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