Console Shock EP42 Boosting the Amiga 1200

Retro and current gen gaming chat, with Trev and Stu from Playnation Games! Its the Console Shockcast! As big Amiga fans, we look at the options for buying and upgrading an Amiga in modern times, with a particular look at the mighty A1200!

On this topic we cover: – Why the A1200 is the best choice for classic Amiga

gaming – What is WHDLoad? –

Is a Vampire board upgraded Amiga really an Amiga anymore?

– RAM, how much do you need?

– A1200 accelerator options, old vs new

– A1200 vs CD32 – How much would the ultimate A1200 cost?

– Adding CD-ROM drives to the A1200, is it worth it?

– Where to buy modern upgrades

Intro/Outro Music – Hercules Takes Off – The Living Daylights Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1987) – Composer(s): John Barry

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